Recent Ensemble Concerts:

Symphony Orchestra
Symphony Orchestra
2019 September 18
1. Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major, "Rhenish," Opus 97 Robert Schumann
2. Francesca da Rimini: Symphonic Fantasy after Dante,… Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky
Symphonic Band
Symphonic Band
2019 April 27
1. DF-XXXVII Fanfare Bruce Yurko
2. Strike Up The Band George Gershwin
3. Fields of Gold Julie Giroux
4. Symphony No. 2, “Genesis” David R. Gillingham
5. Riften Wed Julie Giroux
6. Symphony No. 3, Opus 89 James Barnes
7. Encore
Chinese Ensemble
Chinese Ensemble
2019 April 26
1. Han Tian Lei (Thunder in the Drought) Qiu Hechou
2. Qing Mei Zhu Ma (Childhood) Lü Wencheng
3. Ping Hu Qiu Yu (Tranquil Lake under the Autumn Moon) Lü Wencheng
4. Zhi Chu Cai Hong Wan Li Chang (Weaving Rainbow) Yang Shaobin
5. Chun Jiao Shi Ma (Horse Riding in the Suburb in the… Chen Deju
6. Zhao Jun Chu Sai (Lady Zhaojun Departing for the Frontier) Traditional Guangdong Music
7. Yu Le Sheng Ping (Joyfuness) Qiu Hechou
8. Encore
9. Encore
Center for Chamber Music
Center for Chamber Music
2019 April 26
1. Trio élégiaque No. 1 in G minor (1892) Serge Rachmaninoff
2. Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (1948) Jean Françaix
3. Only the Words Themselves Mean What They Say (2010) Kate Soper/Lydia Davis
4. from Suite Americana (1983) Enrique Crespo
5. String Quartet No. 7 in F-sharp minor, Opus 108 (1960) Dmitri Shostakovich
6. Por una cabeza (1935) Carlos Gardel/Alfredo Le Pera
Così fan tutte
Così fan tutte
2019 April 26
1. Act I
2. Act II
West End & Third Street
West End & Third Street
2019 April 26
1. Don’t Be on the Outside Sid Wyche/George Kelly/Mayme Watts
2. They Say It’s Wonderful Irving Berlin
3. Polka Dots and Moonbeams Jimmy Van Heusen/Johnny Burke
4. Haven’t We Met? Ruth Batchelor/Kenny Rankin
5. Fourteen Vid Gobac
6. Cottontail Duke Ellington/Jon Hendricks
7. Stoned Soul Picnic Laura Nyro
8. Rhumba Corazon Rosana Eckert/Gary Eckert
9. As Long As You’re Living Julian Priester/Tommy Turrentine/ Oscar Brown Jr.
10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John/Bernie Taupin
11. Scatsville Michael Franks
Wind Symphony
Wind Symphony
2019 April 25
1. Voice of the City Richard Danielpour
2. Concerto Grosso Robert Linn
3. Symphony No. 3 Vittorio Giannini
4. Symphony No. 3 Vittorio Giannini
5. Concerto for Flute Anthony Plog
Guitar Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble
2019 April 25
1. from Dance of the Forest Ghosts Konstantin Vassiliev
2. Tico Tico no fubá Zequinha de Abreu
3. Sonata in B minor, K. 408 Domenico Scarlatti
4. Romance No. 1 Francis Kleynjans
5. from Cambridge Suite Nikita Koshkin
6. from Centone di Sonate Nicolò Paganini
7. from Habana Suite Eduardo Martín
8. from The Nutcracker Suite Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky
9. Waltz Lou Wade
10. Moon Rising Lou Wade
Tuba-Euphonium Ensembles
Tuba-Euphonium Ensembles
2019 April 24
1. From Serenade for Strings Antonín Dvořák
2. Down in the River Traditional
3. Military March in D Major, D. 733 Franz Schubert
4. Os justi Anton Bruckner
5. from Quartet No. 5: Sea Scape Yuji Ono
6. Tubamobile Thom Ritter George
7. from Textures Mike Forbes
8. Hearts Entwined for Tuba-Euphonium Quartet John Stevens
9. from Symphony No. 10 in E minor Dmitri Shostakovich
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Mendelssohn’s Elijah
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Mendelssohn’s…
2019 April 24
1. Introduction, Overture Felix Mendelssohn
2. Chorus and Recitative: Help, Lord Felix Mendelssohn
3. Chorus and Duet (Soprano and Alto): Lord, bow thine… Felix Mendelssohn
4. Recitative (Tenor): Ye people, rend your hearts Felix Mendelssohn
5. Aria (Tenor): If with all your hearts Felix Mendelssohn
6. Recitative (Alto) - Elijah, get thee hence Felix Mendelssohn
7. Recitative (Alto): Now Cherith’s brook Felix Mendelssohn
8. Recitative, Air, and Duet (Soprano and Baritone): What… Felix Mendelssohn
9. Chorus: Blessed are the men who fear Him Felix Mendelssohn
10. Recitative (Baritone and Tenor) and Chorus: As God… Felix Mendelssohn
11. Chorus: Baal, we cry to thee Felix Mendelssohn
12. Recitative (Baritone) and Chorus: Call him louder Felix Mendelssohn
13. Recitative and Aria (Baritone): Draw near, all ye people Felix Mendelssohn
14. Chorus: Cast thy burden upon the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
15. Recitative (Baritone) and Chorus: O Thou, who makest… Felix Mendelssohn
16. Aria (Baritone): Is not His word like a fire? Felix Mendelssohn
17. Arioso (Alto): Woe unto them who forsake Him! Felix Mendelssohn
18. Recitative (Tenor): O man of God, help thy people! Felix Mendelssohn
19. Recitative (Baritone and The Youth) and Chorus: Thou… Felix Mendelssohn
20. Chorus: Thanks be to God! Felix Mendelssohn
21. Aria (Soprano): Hear ye Israel! Felix Mendelssohn
22. Chorus: Be not afraid Felix Mendelssohn
23. Recitative (Baritone and Alto) and Chorus: The Lord… Felix Mendelssohn
24. Chorus: Woe to him Felix Mendelssohn
25. Recitative (Tenor and Baritone): Man of God Felix Mendelssohn
26. Aria (Baritone): It is enough Felix Mendelssohn
27. Recitative (Tenor): See, now he sleepeth Felix Mendelssohn
28. Trio (A Cappella Choir Women): Lift thine eyes Felix Mendelssohn
29. Chorus: He, watching over Israel Felix Mendelssohn
30. Recitative (Alto and Baritone): Arise, Elijah Felix Mendelssohn
31. Aria (Alto): O rest in the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
32. Recitative (Baritone and Soprano): Night, falleth Felix Mendelssohn
33. Chorus: Behold God the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
34. Recitative (Baritone): I go on my way Felix Mendelssohn
35. Arioso (Baritone): For the mountains shall depart Felix Mendelssohn
36. Chorus: Then did Elijah Felix Mendelssohn
37. Air (Tenor): Then shall the righteous shine forth Felix Mendelssohn
38. Recitative (Soprano): Behold, God hath sent Elijah Felix Mendelssohn
39. Chorus: And then shall your light break forth Felix Mendelssohn
Avenue C
Avenue C
2019 April 22
1. Cedar’s Blues Cedar Walton
2. Love You Madly Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn
3. Georgia On My Mind Hoagy Carmichael/Stuart Gorrell
4. Magnolia Taylor Eigsti
5. State Tom Harrell
6. Beatrice Sam Rivers
7. Magnus Gretchen Parlato/Magnus Thompson-Marcelin
8. Passion Dance McCoy Tyner
2019 April 22
1. Where I Lay My Head Kory Reeder
2. Reminiscence Chia Ying (Janice) Shieh
3. Three Miniatures Christopher Poovey
4. Sour Honey Cade Leinbach
5. |: This Piece :| Mark Vaughn
6. Meditation Marco Buongiorno Nardelli
7. Metal Works Nina C. Young
Concert Orchestra
Concert Orchestra
2019 April 22
1. Introduction to Khovantschina Modest Mussorgsky
2. Concerto in A-flat Major for Trumpet and Orchestra Alexander Arutiunian
3. Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Opus 47 Dmitri Shostakovich
Viva Celli
Viva Celli
2019 April 18
1. from String Quintet in C Major, Opus 42, No. 2 Luigi Boccherini
2. Duos for two cellos, Opus 53 Reinhold Glière
3. Prelude Dmitri Shostakovich
4. from Kuolema, Opus 44 1. Valse triste Jean Sibelius
5. Slavonic Dance, Opus 72, No. 2 Antonín Dvořák
6. from Five Pieces on Folk Themes 2. Changuri Sulhan Tsintsadze
7. The Summer Knows, The Summer of ‘42 Michel Legrand
8. Love in Need of Love Today, Songs in the Key of Life Stevie Wonder
9. Overjoyed, In Square Circle Stevie Wonder
Brass Band
Brass Band
2019 April 18
1. Harlequin Bruce Broughton
2. Trittico James Curnow
3. Jubilance William Himes
4. Lake of Tenderness Ben Hollings
5. Lord of the Dance Ronan Hardimann
6. Olympic Fanfare and Theme John Williams
7. The day thou gavest Philip Wilby
8. Sing Sing Sing Louis Prima
9. from Stabat Mater Suite Karl Jenkins
10. Firedance, Call of the Cossacks Peter Graham
11. Death or Glory R. B. Hall
12. Nicaea William Himes
13. Fearless Andrew Wainwright
14. Encore
Chamber Music Studies
Chamber Music Studies
2019 April 16
1. Concert

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