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Spectrum: sponsored by Composers Forum - Concert A
Spectrum: sponsored by Composers Forum - Concert A
Live On September 27 2021 6:30pm
in one day
Spectrum: sponsored by Composers Forum
Spectrum: sponsored by Composers Forum
Live On September 27 2021 8:00pm
in about 2 days
Spectrum: sponsored by Composers Forum
Spectrum: sponsored by Composers Forum
Live On October 25 2021 8:00pm
in 4 weeks


2021 April 14
1. from March Robbie Halpner
2. Two Summer Scenes Rachel Lanik Whelan
3. Slivers Wavering into Horizons Garrison Gerard
4. Apricots Kory Reeder
5. Recombinant Joseph Klein
2021 March 22
1. In the Summer Kory Reeder
2. Ignite! Robbie Halpner
3. Isolated Opportunities Stephanie Plautz
4. Reflections of a Sea Bean Garrison Gerard
5. Framework III Willyn Ross Whiting
6. Shuckling and Cantilations Rachel Lanik Whelan
7. Two Poems Samuel Ash
2021 March 1
1. Sliding Focus Christopher Poovey
2. TARTAREAN WIPES Okan Yaşarlar
3. My Brother/Me Rachel Lanik Whelan
4. and sometimes winds from the south Jon Christopher Nelson
5. How The Conductor Thinks Phillip Flores
2021 March 1
1. White Sky Over the Lake Willyn Whiting
2. Eye of the Needle David Stout
3. repeating myself Conner Simmons
4. Monologue Mattie Tempio
5. Here Is Where We Met .Kory Reeder
6. The End of Logic Marcel Castro-Lima
2020 November 4
1. from String Quartet Gaston Gosselin
2. Carousel Yeonsuk Jung
3. Erb Study Kory Reede
4. Four Studies Willyn Whiting
5. Selections from the Auto-Gamelan Jonathan Snead
6. Over Here Chia Ying Shieh
7. Discourse Garrison Gerard
2020 October 7
1. Whorls Willyn Whiting
2. Where Planes Fly Gavin Santopetro
3. Bombastic/fragile Garrison Gerard
4. Forged Effervescence Christopher Poovey
5. Auburn Shade Kory Reeder
2019 November 18
1. As the Flames Grow higher Patrick Reed
2. Delirium Esther Tran
3. The Unsung Myths Nok Kiu Tse
4. folk song Mattie Tempio
5. Broken Wings Beyond a Sky Into the Wall Yeonsuk Jung
6. Home Invasion Daniel Ryan
7. Lamento de una Gaviota Lenia I. Bolano
8. On a Clear Day Kory Reeder
9. Hedgehog Studies Janice Chia Ying Shieh
10. Opening - Your Name Kevin Rosacia
11. che brutto e lungo il mare... Rachel Lanik Whelan
12. Mirages Eric Vazquez
2019 November 5
1. Hypoxia Christopher Poovey
2. The Rejected Wife Rachel Lanik Whelan
3. Balaena et chelonia Yeonsuk Jung
4. Floor Tiles Andrés Alamada
5. Expressions Lenia I. Bolano
6. Singing Underwater Louise Fristensky
7. The Day Kory Reeder
8. Rustling Anuj Bhutani
Spectrum: New Works from North Texas
Spectrum: New Works from North Texas
2019 March 25
1. Sunrise: Mind-Numbing Day of Noise Alex Buehler
2. Two Train Scenes Rachel Lanik Whelan
3. Folie a Deux Kory Reeder
4. Conversations Garrison Gerard
2018 November 27
1. The Miles Between Us (2018) Cade Leinbach
2. Nunc Dimittis (2016) Leonardo Quintana
3. Pictures for Clarinet and Oboe (2017) Garrison Gerard
4. Cityscapes (2018) Matthew Bilik
5. The Peddler of Flowers (2017) Rachel Lanik Whelan
6. Love Song (2017) Louise Fristensky
7. Marked by Sidhe (2018) Mattie Tempio
8. March 8th (2018) Kory Reeder
9. Zeus (2018) Mason Bynes
2018 November 6
1. Intersections Garrison Gerard
2. Perturbations Clayton Simmons Davidson
3. Movement 2, All Night A Veil Samuel Dilmar
4. Lumiwanag Kevin Rosacia
5. from Prism Angles Matthew A. Wiggins
6. Z/28 Alex Buehler
7. Studies in Superposition Anton Miller
2018 April 23
1. Two Strands Christopher Poovey
2. Four Laments of a Guiltless God Walter Trapp
3. Phonographies: Album Alejandro Carrillo
4. String Quartet No. 1, Dahlia Math Jar Alex Buehler
5. Another Day Xavier O. Bernazard
6. One for Computer Richard Carrasco
7. only through fractures may light shine Chistopher Poovey
8. Confuse Me Jacob Thiede
2018 February 27
1. ///Weave/// Alejandro Carrillo
2. Virga Rumination Alex Buehler
3. Remnants of the Veil Nebula Mattie Tempio
4. Persephone Mason Bynes
5. Winning Quotes Omar Fraire
6. Landscape with a blue flamingo Louise Fristensky
7. El Tiempo Crea y Destruye Miguel Espinel
8. un giro d’anello Marco Buongiorno-Nardelli
2017 November 28
1. On a Snowy Summer EveningDavid Clark Cody Myre
2. Distortions William Bishop
3. The Deer and the Owl Francisco Martinez
4. Elev. 12095 Mattie Tempio
5. Gesang vor Morgen Samuel Miyashita
6. String Quartet No. 1 Austin Simonds
7. from the bird and the tree Walter Trapp
8. An Unaware Cosmos Joseph Klein
2017 November 7
1. Sirenum Scupoli Mason Bynes
2. ROMANS Delanie Molnar
3. From Dance to Dance Michael Ramirez
4. from Tyvek Wood Bruce Broughton
2017 April 24
1. When all else fails (take your time) (2017) Jacob Thiede
2. Perspectives Elaine diFalco
3. Solo Violin from Opus 3 Ermir Bejo
4. .seq Michael Ramirez
5. Sonata for House Band Evan O. Adams
6. Three Miniatures for Solo Harp Kyle Snow
7. Four Stages of Grief Oliver Smith
8. Three Bagatelles from Opus 2 Ermir Bejo
9. Terraformation Seth Shafer
2016 November 29
1. Meditation Michele Newman
2. something light West Fox
3. String Quartet No. 1 Alejandro Carrillo
4. Voces Cohabitantes Miguel Espinel
5. Quartet for Four Friends Grant Carrington
6. from Six Nocturnes Thomas Schwan
7. Dandelion Wine Tyler Waters
8. Shhh! Evan O. Adams
2016 November 1
1. Dripstone Christopher Poovey
2. Blossoms John Snyder
3. Visitor Jinghong Zhang
4. Bangbangbangbangbangbangbang- banbgnanabggnabgngnabg Richard Carrasco
5. Disheveled Evan O. Adams
6. I Would But I Can’t Composers Forum
2016 April 25
1. L’appel du Vide Michael Smith
2. Dimming Miguel Espinel
3. Three Refractions for Trumpet and Tape Oliver Smith
4. Night in Arcturus Stream Seth Shafer
5. Ada Andrew May
6. Vestigial Overtones Timothy Harenda
7. Solo for French Horn and Piano Ronald Harris
8. Aut vincere aut mon Michelle Brite
9. The Voice of Mountains Qi Shen
2016 March 23
1. Rite of Sthrny II Jinghong Zhang
2. Delirium Austin Simonds
3. Ra Dio Pie C E Richard Carrasco
4. Pathogen Timothy Harenda
5. Traces Grant Carrington
6. Tabula Rasa Jaren Lorenz
2015 November 24
1. Trio for Piano, Bass Clarinet, and Cello Oliver Smith
2. Spectrum Jinghong Zhang
3. SOCIAL Michelle Brite
4. Come In Michele Newman
5. Opus 1 Ermir Bejo
7. Demolition Alejandro Lenin
2015 April 27
1. Vögel Ronnie Reeves-Chambers
2. Daydream Jay Smith
3. Animbus Andrew Campbell
4. Lament Mary F. Mixter
5. Lassitude Miguel Espinel
6. Etude No. 2, “Placid” Sam Melnick
7. Tzolk’in Marco Buongiorno Nardelli
2015 March 23
1. Intervals William Coble
2. The Broca Divide in four movements Michael Smith
3. Ossi di seppia Marco Buongiorno Nardelli
4. Race Michael J. Fowler
5. Twilight Suite Sam Mikulewicz
6. from Electric Guitar Quartet No. 1 William Austin Clay
7. Ursa Minor Seth Shafer
2015 March 2
1. Enigma Jing Wang
2. Pulsar [Variant II] Seth Shafer
3. Aphelion Brandon Maahs
4. ߶∞£˙Δ°smoothjaz~ Zach Thomas/Ryan Fellhauer
5. Among Fireflies Elainie Lillios
2014 November 10
1. Enzymeme for brass, winds and percussion Jonny Covach
2. Movement for String Trio Yalira Machado Montejo
3. Pitter Patter Oliver Smith
4. Trinity: The Three are One Yea Darm Kim
5. The Road and the End Mary F. Mixter
6. Interstices Joseph Klein

Joseph Klein, current conductor.

The Spectrum concert series features new solo and chamber works for instruments and voices by student composers; Centerpieces concerts feature works created at the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia utilizing new technologies and intermedia.