Percussion Players

Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2018 November 26
1. Opening Remarks Jeffrey Dennis Smith
2. from Toccata for Percussion Instruments III. Allegro… Carlos Chavez
3. Circadian Rhythms Carolyn Bremer
4. Fratres Arvo Pärt
5. Percussion Quartets, Coyote Builds North America Convocation… John Luther Adams
6. Six Ivan Trevino
7. Downcycle Brian Nozny
8. Quiet David MacBride
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2018 April 24
1. Ten Year Portrait Ed Smith
2. Palta Bob Becker
3. Workers Union Louis Andreissen
4. Sculpture in Wood Rüdiger Pawassar
5. Sei-Rai Hiroyuki Yamazawa
6. Firefly Nathan Daughtrey
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2017 November 29
1. Garage Drummer James Campbell
2. from Dreamscape Jonathan Ovalle
3. Zeus Webb Sheely
4. Concertino Dwayne Rice
5. from Marimba Quartet Daniel Levitan
6. Angels of the Apocalypse David R. Gillingham
7. 180 Michael Burritt
8. Spine Michael Laurello
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2017 April 6
1. Septet Daniel Levitan
2. Identity Crisis Michael Aukofer
3. Ripple Marks Miwa Okusada
4. Summons for Solo Timpani and Percussion Ensemble Nicholas Papador
5. isbjerg Clif Walker
6. Firefly Nathan Daughtrey
7. Akadinda Emmanuel Séjourné
8. Fractalia Owen Clayton Condon
9. The Infernal Machine Christopher Rouse
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2016 November 28
1. A Ceiling Full of Stars Blake Tyson
2. Gilded Cage Susan Powell
3. Pyroclastic Steam Dave Hall
4. Ionisation Edgard Varèse
5. A Work of Fiction Tyler Nechamkin
6. Different but One Body Dajeong Choi
7. Pyriphlegethon Christopher Deane
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2016 April 11
1. Ogoun Badagris Christopher Rouse
2. Sculpture in Wood Rüdiger Pawassar
3. Mass John Mackey
4. Vestigial Overtones Timothy Harenda
5. Xochiquetzal: Chamber Concerto for Violin and Percussion… Robert Xavier Rodriquez
6. The Miraculous Mandarin Béla Bartók
7. Surfacing Dave Hall
8. from Relative Riffs Alejandro Viñao
9. Pegasus Ben Wahlund
10. Kyoto John Psathas
Percussion Players
Global Rhythms
2015 November 2
1. Used Car Salesman Michael Daugherty
2. from The New (Rube) Goldberg Variations Christopher Deane
3. Onneeyandaa Poovalur Sriji
4. Tujuh Hari Di Tiga Dunia Poovalur Sriji
5. Mn Poovalur Sriji
6. Agbobli/Gota Social music and dance of the Ewe-speaking people of…
7. Just in Case Mark Ford/Ewelina Ford
8. Buaya Mamgap Balinese Traditional
9. Cendrawasih I Nyoman Windha/I Wayan Beratha
10. Walking on the Moon Sting
11. Gold Rush Peter Cannon
12. Music for 6 Quad Drummers UNT Quad Ensemble
13. Oshkosh Jump Ray Holman
14. Movin’ On Ray Holman
15. Jump For Joy Austin Lyons
16. Pan Ecstasy Ken “Professor” Philmore
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2015 October 29
1. Sharps Brian Nozny
2. Music for Pieces of Wood Steve Reich
3. Moonrise Blake Tyson
4. Marimba Quartet No. 2 (Sensing the Coriolis) Christopher Deane
5. Ten Year Portrait Ed Smith
6. Circuit Breaker: A Concertino for Percussion Duo with… Gene Koshinski
7. from The New (Rube) Goldberg Variations Christopher Deane
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2015 April 9
1. Crown of Thorns David Maslanka
2. Raptures of the Undream Bruce Hamilton
3. Africa Hocket Lane Harder
4. Downcycle Brian Nozny
5. Consider the Birds Ryan George
6. Pyroclastic Steam Dave Hall
7. Ritual Music: Variations on the Numbers 2 and 4 David Skidmore
8. Warp Dwayne Rice
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2014 November 18
1. from Die Nase, Opus 15 Dmitri Shostakovich
2. Omphalo Centric Lecture Nigel Westlake
3. Sosso-Bala Emmanuel Séjourné
4. Disaster Susan Powell
5. Whispers David Skidmore
6. Fratres Arvo Pärt
7. Six Marimbas Steve Reich
8. Song of Queztecoatl Lou Harrison
9. El Dia de los Muertos Robert Xavier Rodriguez
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2013 October 28
1. Splendid Wood Jennifer Higdon
2. from Concerto for Vibraphone and Percussion Ensemble Emmanuel Séjourné
3. Wood/Metal Music Pierre Jalbert
4. from String Quartet No. 1 in F Major Maurice Ravel
5. Perpetuum Mobile David Skidmore
6. A Hudson Cycle Nico Muhly
7. Colored Windows, Tempered Rooms Baljinder Singh Sekhon II
Percussion Players
Night of Percussion
2013 April 9
1. Metavita Casey Cangelosi
2. Lights of the Forest Jonathan Kolm
3. A Man With a Gun Lives Here Eric Snowden
4. José/beFORe JOHN Aurél Holló
5. Raptures of Undream Bruce Hamilton
6. Puzzle Piece Rich O?Meara
7. Apple Blossom Peter Garland
8. The Persistence of Past Chemistries Charles B. Griffin
9. Ku-Ka-Ilimoku Christopher Rouse
10. Enchanted Light Nathan Daughtrey

Christopher Deane, current conductor.

The UNT Percussion Players (formally the 12:00 percussion ensemble) is a UNT classical percussion ensemble, directed by Christopher Deane, that is comprised of advanced undergraduate percussion majors.  The ensemble performs a wide spectrum of literature including historically significant ensemble works as well as new compositions for percussion ensemble.

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