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Trombone Consortium:  Tony Baker and Natalie Mannix, conductors
Trombone Consortium:  Tony Baker and Natalie Mannix,…
Live On October 19 2021 8:00pm
in 3 weeks


Trombone Choirs
Trombone Choirs
2021 April 14
1. Apogee Fanfare Chris Sharpe
2. Tower Music Vaclav Nelhybel
3. Canzona for 8 Trombones Walter Hartley
4. Ave Maria Franz Biebl
5. Sonata Pian' e Forte Giovanni Gabrieli
6. Passacaglia Allen Chase
7. Overture to The Magic Flute, K. 620 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
8. from Suites, Romeo and Juliet Sergei Prokofiev
9. 2020 Iris Ceulemans
10. Hiros Steven Verhelst
Trombone Showcase 2: UNT Trombone Studio
Trombone Showcase 2: UNT Trombone Studio
2020 January 31
1. from Cinq Morceaux de fantaisie, Opus 3 Serge Rachmaninoff
2. Bruckner Etude Enrique Crespo
3. Serenity JoeHenderson
4. The Moontrane WoodyShaw
5. Canzon Septimi Toni No. 2 Giovanni Gabrieli
6. FullTilt Anthony DiLorenzo
7. The Seven Trombones of the Apocalypse Santiago Miguel Alarcón
Trombone Consortium
Trombone Consortium
2019 October 24
1. Slideshow David Wilborn
2. Thank You for Trombone Octet Christian Paarup
3. Full Tilt Anthony DiLorenzo
4. Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral Richard Wagner
5. Radetzky March, Opus 228 Johann Strauss, Sr.
6. from Symphony No. 6 in D Major Antonín Dvořák
UNT Trombone Consortium
UNT Trombone Consortium
2019 March 27
1. Gavorkna Fanfare Jack Stamp
2. Dilating Man-Ching Donald Yu
3. Here We Rest Anthony Barfield
4. Offertorium ad duos choros Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky
5. Latin District Jérôme Naulais
6. How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place Johannes Brahms
7. Eight Across=Trombone Billy Gayman
Trombone Studio Showcase 1
Trombone Studio Showcase 1
2019 January 25
1. À la manière de Schumann Jean-Michel Defaye
2. Christus Factus Est Anton Bruckner
3. from Bass Lines David Fetter
4. Sonata in D minor Daniel Speer
5. from Erste Trombone Kwartet Saskia Apon
6. Offertorium ad duos choros Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky
Trombone Consortium
Trombone Consortium
2018 October 26
1. Passage: Sempre Avanti Joseph Spaniola
2. Make Our Garden Grow, Candide Leonard Bernstein
3. Bonelab Kevin Houben
4. Pavane, Opus 50 Gabriel Fauré
5. Provence Jeremy Dibb
6. Gavorkna Fanfare Jack Stamp
Trombone Consortium
Trombone Consortium
2018 April 12
1. Fanfare for an Angel James Stephenson
2. Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 582 Johann Sebastian Bach
3. from All the Skies Above Nicole Piunno
4. Lake Effects Andrew Skaggs
5. March of the Resistance, Star Wars: The Force Awakens John Williams
6. Prelude to Act 3, Die Meistersinger Richard Wagner
7. Prolegomenon Rob Deemer
Trombone Consortium
Trombone Consortium
2017 October 20
1. Fanfare Daniela Candillari
2. Sonata pian e forte Giovanni Gabrieli
3. Jubilate Deo Giovanni Gabrieli
4. River Bells Steven Verhelst
5. Eclipse Joe Buono
6. Hex Files James Kazik
Trombone Consortium
Trombone Consortium
2017 February 6
1. Apogee Fanfare Chris Sharpe
2. Aria Jonathan Schubert
3. Peri dots for Trombone Ensemble Norman Bolter
4. Transmogrify for Trombone Octet Christian Paarup
5. from Iron, Steel, Rust I. Iron Rob Deemer
6. Osteoblast, Opus 210 Derek Bourgeois
Trombone Consortium
Trombone Consortium
2016 October 7
1. Fanfare for Trombones Andrew C. Fox
2. Sonata Piané Forte Giovanni Gabrielli
3. from Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Opus 90 Johannes Brahms
4. from Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, BWV 1048 Johann Sebastian Bach
5. Bruckner etüde für das tiefe Blech Enrique Crespo
6. Osteoblast Derek Bourgeois
Trombone Showcase
Trombone Showcase
2016 February 5
1. The Farmer Traditional Folk Tune
2. Beautiful River Robert Lowry
3. Earth Song Frank Ticheli
4. Yesterday Paul McCartney
5. Basta Folke Rabe
6. Fantastic Polka Arthur Pryor
7. Sheltering Sky John Mackey
8. Venite, Gaudete! Adrian Peacock
9. Exceptional Leap Sara Jacovino
10. Here’s That Rainy Day Jimmy Van Heusen/Johnny Burke
11. Nuance Bret Zvacek
Trombone Consortium
Trombone Consortium
2015 October 23
1. Gloria in Excelsis Deo Irvin L. Wagner
2. Achieved is the Glorious Work, The Creation Franz Joseph Haydn
3. Gavorkna Fanfare Jack Stamp
4. Passacaglia in C minor, BWV 482 Johann Sebastian Bach
5. Salvation Is Created Pavel Tchesnokov
6. Stardust Hoagy Carmichael
7. Siegfried’s Funeral March, Die Götterdämmerung Richard Wagner
8. Color Slides Keith Snell

Tony Baker, current conductor.

The UNT Trombone Studio is one of the largest trombone programs in the world, with as many as 75 trombonists pursuing bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in trombone performance, music education, jazz studies, conducting and composition.