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Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Mendelssohn’s Elijah
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Mendelssohn’s…
2019 April 24
1. Introduction, Overture Felix Mendelssohn
2. Chorus and Recitative: Help, Lord Felix Mendelssohn
3. Chorus and Duet (Soprano and Alto): Lord, bow thine… Felix Mendelssohn
4. Recitative (Tenor): Ye people, rend your hearts Felix Mendelssohn
5. Aria (Tenor): If with all your hearts Felix Mendelssohn
6. Recitative (Alto) - Elijah, get thee hence Felix Mendelssohn
7. Recitative (Alto): Now Cherith’s brook Felix Mendelssohn
8. Recitative, Air, and Duet (Soprano and Baritone): What… Felix Mendelssohn
9. Chorus: Blessed are the men who fear Him Felix Mendelssohn
10. Recitative (Baritone and Tenor) and Chorus: As God… Felix Mendelssohn
11. Chorus: Baal, we cry to thee Felix Mendelssohn
12. Recitative (Baritone) and Chorus: Call him louder Felix Mendelssohn
13. Recitative and Aria (Baritone): Draw near, all ye people Felix Mendelssohn
14. Chorus: Cast thy burden upon the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
15. Recitative (Baritone) and Chorus: O Thou, who makest… Felix Mendelssohn
16. Aria (Baritone): Is not His word like a fire? Felix Mendelssohn
17. Arioso (Alto): Woe unto them who forsake Him! Felix Mendelssohn
18. Recitative (Tenor): O man of God, help thy people! Felix Mendelssohn
19. Recitative (Baritone and The Youth) and Chorus: Thou… Felix Mendelssohn
20. Chorus: Thanks be to God! Felix Mendelssohn
21. Aria (Soprano): Hear ye Israel! Felix Mendelssohn
22. Chorus: Be not afraid Felix Mendelssohn
23. Recitative (Baritone and Alto) and Chorus: The Lord… Felix Mendelssohn
24. Chorus: Woe to him Felix Mendelssohn
25. Recitative (Tenor and Baritone): Man of God Felix Mendelssohn
26. Aria (Baritone): It is enough Felix Mendelssohn
27. Recitative (Tenor): See, now he sleepeth Felix Mendelssohn
28. Trio (A Cappella Choir Women): Lift thine eyes Felix Mendelssohn
29. Chorus: He, watching over Israel Felix Mendelssohn
30. Recitative (Alto and Baritone): Arise, Elijah Felix Mendelssohn
31. Aria (Alto): O rest in the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
32. Recitative (Baritone and Soprano): Night, falleth Felix Mendelssohn
33. Chorus: Behold God the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
34. Recitative (Baritone): I go on my way Felix Mendelssohn
35. Arioso (Baritone): For the mountains shall depart Felix Mendelssohn
36. Chorus: Then did Elijah Felix Mendelssohn
37. Air (Tenor): Then shall the righteous shine forth Felix Mendelssohn
38. Recitative (Soprano): Behold, God hath sent Elijah Felix Mendelssohn
39. Chorus: And then shall your light break forth Felix Mendelssohn
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Verdi’s Requiem
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Verdi’s…
2018 April 25
1. Messa da Requiem - Requiem and Kyrie Giuseppe Verdi
2. Messa da Requiem - Dies irae Giuseppe Verdi
3. Messa da Requiem - Offertory Giuseppe Verdi
4. Messa da Requiem - Sanctus Giuseppe Verdi
5. Messa da Requiem - Agnus Dei Giuseppe Verdi
6. Messa da Requiem - Lux aeterna Giuseppe Verdi
7. Messa da Requiem - Libera me Giuseppe Verdi
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Turandot
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Turandot
2017 April 26
1. Popolo di Pekino! Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
2. Gira la cote! Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
3. Fermo! Che fai? Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
4. Signore, ascolta Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
5. Non piangere, Liu Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
6. Hola, Pang! Hola, Pong! Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
7. Gravi, enormi, ed imponenti Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
8. In questa reggia Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
9. Straniero, Ascolta Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
10. Cosi commanda Turandot Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
11. Nessun Dorma Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
12. Sei pallido, straniero Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
13. Tanto amor segreto Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
14. Principess di morte Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
15. Piu grande vittoria non voler Giacomo Puccini/Franco Alfano
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Haydn’s The Creation
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Haydn’s…
2016 April 27
1. The Creation, Hob. XXI:2 Joseph Haydn
2. Introduction - The Representation of Chaos Joseph Haydn
3. Recitativo (Raphael, Chorus, Uriel): In the beginning… Joseph Haydn
4. Aria (Uriel, Chorus): Now vanish before the holy beams Joseph Haydn
5. Recitativo (Raphael): And God made the firmament Joseph Haydn
6. Chorus (Gabriel, Chorus): The marv’lous work beholds… Joseph Haydn
7. Recitativo (Raphael): And God said, Let the waters… Joseph Haydn
8. Aria (Raphael): Rolling in foaming billows Joseph Haydn
9. Recitativo (Gabriel): And God said, Let the earth bring… Joseph Haydn
10. Aria (Gabriel): With verdure clad the fields appear Joseph Haydn
11. Recitativo (Uriel): And the heavenly host proclaimed Joseph Haydn
12. Chorus: Awake the harp Joseph Haydn
13. Recitativo (Uriel): And God said, Let there be lights Joseph Haydn
14. Recitativo (Uriel): In splendor bright is rising now… Joseph Haydn
15. Chorus (Chorus, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael): The heavens… Joseph Haydn
16. Recitativo (Gabriel): And God said, Let the waters… Joseph Haydn
17. Aria (Gabriel): On mighty pens uplifted soars Joseph Haydn
18. Recitativo (Raphael): And God created great whales Joseph Haydn
19. Terzetto (Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael): Most beautiful… Joseph Haydn
20. Chorus (Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Chorus): The Lord… Joseph Haydn
21. Recitativo (Raphael): And God said, Let the earth bring… Joseph Haydn
22. Recitativo (Raphael): Strait opening her fertile womb Joseph Haydn
23. Aria (Raphael): Now heav’n in fullest glory shone Joseph Haydn
24. Recitativo (Uriel): And God created man Joseph Haydn
25. Aria (Uriel): In native worth and honour clad Joseph Haydn
26. Recitativo (Raphael): And God saw ev’ry thing Joseph Haydn
27. Chorus: Achieved is the glorious work (I) Joseph Haydn
28. Terzetto (Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael): On thee each living… Joseph Haydn
29. Chorus: Achieved is the glorious work (II) Joseph Haydn
30. Recitativo (Uriel): In rosy mantle appears Joseph Haydn
31. Duetto with Chorus (Adam, Eve, Chorus): By thee with… Joseph Haydn
32. Recitativo (Adam, Eve): Our duty we performed now Joseph Haydn
33. Duetto (Adam, Eve) Joseph Haydn
34. Recitativo (Uriel): O happy pair Joseph Haydn
35. Chorus (Chorus, Soli SATB): Sing the Lord ye voices… Joseph Haydn
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Beethoven Symphony No. 9
Symphony Orchestra and Grand Chorus - Beethoven Symphony…
2015 April 29
1. Five Mystical Songs - Easter Ralph Vaughan Williams
2. Five Mystical Songs - I Got Me Flowers Ralph Vaughan Williams
3. Five Mystical Songs - Love Bade Me Welcome Ralph Vaughan Williams
4. Five Mystical Songs - The Call Ralph Vaughan Williams
5. Five Mystical Songs - Antiphon Ralph Vaughan Williams
6. Symphony No. 9 in D minor, “The Choral,” Opus 125… Ludwig van Beethoven
7. Symphony No. 9 in D minor, “The Choral,” Opus 125… Ludwig van Beethoven
8. Symphony No. 9 in D minor, “The Choral,” Opus 125… Ludwig van Beethoven
9. Symphony No. 9 in D minor, “The Choral,” Opus 125… Ludwig van Beethoven

Allen Hightower, current conductor.

The University of North Texas Grand Chorus, comprised of more than 150 singers drawn from the A Cappella Choir, Concert Choir and University Singers as well as other interested individuals, partners with the UNT Symphony Orchestra and Wind Symphony, as well as other regional orchestras, to present major oratorio repertoire.

Performances of Rachmaninoff’s Vespers, Beethoven’s Choral Symphony, Britten’s War Requiem, and a commercial recording of the wind symphony arrangement of Orff’s Carmina Burana are but a few of the unforgettable experiences afforded to members of this ensemble.