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Night of Percussion
Night of Percussion
2020 November 9
1. Finding Peace Among Chaos Robert Chapman/ Yun-Chen Chou/Trevor Deary/ Jack Kloecker/Denver…
2. Living Room Music John Cage
3. The Titanic Days Christopher Deane
4. Taxidermy Caroline Shaw
5. Denkyem Joe W. Moore III
6. Construction in Wate Louis Raymond-Kolker
7. Torched and Wrecked David Skidmore
Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
2019 November 4
1. The Principle of Vibration Brett William Dietz
2. Aggressions for Six Snare Drums Yo Goto
3. Renfro 4 5 Mark Ford/Paul Rennick
4. Yuen Pius Cheung
5. The Principal Delusion Tomasz Golinski
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2019 October 29
1. Einsteinium Poovalur Sriji
2. Boomerang Poovalur Sriji
3. Sketch #9 Ed Smith
4. Cendrawasih I Nyoman Windha/I Wayan Beratha
5. Appetizers no Entrees Paul Rennick
6. Pyxis CJ Menge
7. Decennial Louis Raymond-Kolker
8. Feeling It Timothy "Baron" Watkins
9. Flor de Lis Djavan Viana
10. Special Brew Ray Holman
Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
2019 March 26
1. Trio in a Rudimental Style Joe Tompkins
2. Twitch Nathan Daughtrey
3. Standup Shadow Mark Ford
4. Cabasa! Mark Ford
5. +to wALk Or ruN in wEst harlem Andy Akiho
Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
2018 November 5
1. The Manes Scroll (2010) Christopher Deane
2. Dark Passenger (2014) Andy Harnsberger
3. Gravity (2013) Marc Mellits
4. Suite for Marimba and Percussion Quartet (2007) Emmanuel Séjourné
5. Mudra (1991) Bob Becker
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2018 November 1
1. Ujan Mas I Wayan Gandra
2. Jaya Semara I Wayan Gandra
3. Mohai Poovalur Sriji
4. Babalen Ade Suparman
5. Piru Bol John Bergamo
6. La Mala Suerte Clave y Guaguancó
7. Ana Street Paul G. Ross
8. Samba el Gato Shelly Irvine
9. Jump for Joy Austin Lyons
10. Ellie’s Samba Jason Koontz
11. Coffee Street Andy Narell
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2018 April 19
1. Maiden Voyage Herbie Hancock
2. Sichou Jintou Poovalur Sriji
3. Kebyar Susun I Wayan Gandra
4. Pollock in Pelog Ed Smith
5. Cuba y España Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
6. La Gozadera Yoruba Andábo
7. Marimba Heritage Mark Ford
8. Head Talk Andrew Worden
9. Amigos de Boricua John Wooton
10. Sticks! Ray Holman
11. Midday Oasis Sam Bruton
12. Pan Earthquake Lord Kitchener
Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
2018 April 17
1. Marimba Heritage Mark Ford
2. Borrowed Time Corey Robinson
3. Head Talk Mark Ford
4. Black Smoke, White Smoke Andrew Worden
5. Concerto piccolo pour quatre saxophones successifs… Edison Denisov
Night of Percussion
Night of Percussion
2017 November 29
1. Garage Drummer James Campbell
2. from Dreamscape Jonathan Ovalle
3. Zeus Webb Sheely
4. Concertino Dwayne Rice
5. from Marimba Quartet Daniel Levitan
6. Angels of the Apocalypse David R. Gillingham
7. 180 Michael Burritt
8. Spine Michael Laurello
Percussion Ensembles
Percussion Ensembles
2017 November 6
1. Almost Beyond Nathan Daughtrey
2. Tilted Spheres Dave Hall
3. Vespertine Formations Christopher Deane
4. Escape Andrew Worden
5. Donner David Skidmore
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2017 November 1
1. Buaya Mangap Balinese Traditional
2. Cendrawasih I Nyoman Windha/I Wayan Baratha
3. Escape Andrew Worden
4. Spice 17 Poovalur Sriji
5. Cheers to the Mean Green Beaglesworth Bryce Gardner
6. Samba De Arcata Ray Holman
7. The Last Word Andy Narell
8. Sing a Song Maurice White/Al McKay
9. Carnival Good Morning Dante Pantin
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2017 April 20
1. like a giant refreshed Clif Walker
2. Flying V Lin Chin-Cheng
3. Clair de Lune Claude Debussy
4. Angels and Demons Lin Chin-Cheng
5. The 4th Pentatope Adam Davis
6. The Grid Tigran Hamasyan
7. Danu Giri Nyoman Sila Parta
8. Playing With Jepun Ed Smith
9. Sarah Andy Narell
10. Sea of Stories Len Boogsie SharpeAndy Narell
11. El Gato de Caracas Dan Haerle
12. Pan in A minor Aldwyn Lord Kitchner Roberts
Night of Percussion
Night of Percussion
2017 April 6
1. Septet Daniel Levitan
2. Identity Crisis Michael Aukofer
3. Ripple Marks Miwa Okusada
4. Summons for Solo Timpani and Percussion Ensemble Nicholas Papador
5. isbjerg Clif Walker
6. Firefly Nathan Daughtrey
7. Akadinda Emmanuel Séjourné
8. Fractalia Owen Clayton Condon
9. The Infernal Machine Christopher Rouse
UNT Sounds of the Holidays - The Percussive Arts
UNT Sounds of the Holidays - The Percussive Arts
2016 December 3
1. The Twelve Days of Christmas Frederic Austin
2. Frosty the Snowman Walter “Jack” Rollins/Steve Nelson
3. Red Baron Drummer Julie Giroux
4. The Little Drummer Boy Katherine Kennicott Davis
5. Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming Michael Praetorius
6. Celebration Ray Holman
7. Deck the Halls Traditional Welsh Carol
8. Sleigh Ride/Feliz Navidad Leroy Anderson and Mitchell Parish/ José Feliciano
9. Wexford Carol/Christmas Eve Traditional English/Traditional Irish Tunes
10. Silent Night Franz Xaver Gruber/Joseph Mohr
11. The Night Before Christmas Clement C. Moore
12. Trepak, The Nutcracker Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky
13. Coffee Break Mark Ford
14. Sleigh Ride Leroy Anderson/Mitchell Parish
Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
2016 November 7
1. IE2 Mark Ford
2. Entropy Variations Dave Hall
3. Convex Brian Nozny
4. Twisted Metal Corey Robinson
5. Ornithology Charlie Parker/Benny Harris
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2016 November 2
1. Pendet Balinese Traditional
2. Ujan Mas I Wayan Gandra
3. Oh Thank Heaven It’s 11/7 Poovalur Sriji
4. Solo Patri Satish Kumar
5. Iyyar Poovalur Sriji
6. Convex Brian Nozny
7. IE2 Mark Ford
8. QuadTom Physics Josh Hirner
9. Blue Sparkled Bungalow Bryce Gardner
10. My Band Ray Holman
11. Tabanca Andy Narell
12. Salsa with Your Soca Ross Harper
13. Celebration Ray Holman
Night of Percussion
Night of Percussion
2016 April 11
1. Ogoun Badagris Christopher Rouse
2. Sculpture in Wood Rüdiger Pawassar
3. Mass John Mackey
4. Vestigial Overtones Timothy Harenda
5. Xochiquetzal: Chamber Concerto for Violin and Percussion… Robert Xavier Rodriquez
6. The Miraculous Mandarin Béla Bartók
7. Surfacing Dave Hall
8. from Relative Riffs Alejandro Viñao
9. Pegasus Ben Wahlund
10. Kyoto John Psathas
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2015 April 15
1. Danu Giri Nyoman Sila Parta
2. Playing With Jepun Ed Smith
3. naked and on fire Adam B. Silverman
4. Here Comes the Sun George Harrison
5. Shangyuan Poovalur Sriji
6. Mohai Poovalur Sriji
7. Yumbambe Joseph Estevez, Jr./Alejandro Gonzalo
8. Samba De Arcata Ray Holman
9. Red Beans and Rice Ray Holman
10. Dougla Liam Teague
11. The Last Word Andy Narell
Night of Percussion
Night of Percussion
2015 April 9
1. Crown of Thorns David Maslanka
2. Raptures of the Undream Bruce Hamilton
3. Africa Hocket Lane Harder
4. Downcycle Brian Nozny
5. Consider the Birds Ryan George
6. Pyroclastic Steam Dave Hall
7. Ritual Music: Variations on the Numbers 2 and 4 David Skidmore
8. Warp Dwayne Rice
Global Rhythms
Global Rhythms
2014 November 3
1. Gota Social music/dance of Ewe-speaking people of Togo and…
2. Ujan Mas I Wayan Gandra
3. Sekar Helen/Sarwa Manis Ed Smith/Balinese traditional
4. Guaguancó Rumba Guaguancó
5. Rudimental Showcase Opole Paul Rennick
6. Jamming Saints Poovalur Sriji
7. Vadya Kecceri Robert Chappell
8. Samba el Gato Shelly Irvine
9. Mariella’s Dance Ray Holman
10. Wood-N-Steel Robert Chappell
11. Woman is Boss Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
2014 October 30
1. Refuge Baljinder Singh Sekhon II
2. Extremes, Imaginary City Jason Treuting
3. Chain Kazunori Miyake
4. Points of Intersection, Modulations I Christos Hatzis
5. Slopes Paul Rennick

Mark Ford, current conductor.

There are three classical percussion ensembles at UNT. Two are comprised of undergraduate students and the third consists of graduate students with some upper-classmen. These ensembles perform regularly and are devoted to contemporary and classical percussion ensemble literature. The graduate ensemble has premiered new works and recently performed at PASIC 2000 in Dallas, Texas. This ensemble has future collaborations with the distinguished Van Cliburn Foundation as well as a recording project.