Global Rhythms
2018 November 1
1. Ujan Mas I Wayan Gandra
2. Jaya Semara I Wayan Gandra
3. Mohai Poovalur Sriji
4. Babalen Ade Suparman
5. Piru Bol John Bergamo
6. La Mala Suerte Clave y Guaguancó
7. Ana Street Paul G. Ross
8. Samba el Gato Shelly Irvine
9. Jump for Joy Austin Lyons
10. Ellie’s Samba Jason Koontz
11. Coffee Street Andy Narell
Global Rhythms
2018 April 19
1. Maiden Voyage Herbie Hancock
2. Sichou Jintou Poovalur Sriji
3. Kebyar Susun I Wayan Gandra
4. Pollock in Pelog Ed Smith
5. Cuba y España Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
6. La Gozadera Yoruba Andábo
7. Marimba Heritage Mark Ford
8. Head Talk Andrew Worden
9. Amigos de Boricua John Wooton
10. Sticks! Ray Holman
11. Midday Oasis Sam Bruton
12. Pan Earthquake Lord Kitchener
Global Rhythms
2017 November 1
1. Buaya Mangap Balinese Traditional
2. Cendrawasih I Nyoman Windha/I Wayan Baratha
3. Escape Andrew Worden
4. Spice 17 Poovalur Sriji
5. Cheers to the Mean Green Beaglesworth Bryce Gardner
6. Samba De Arcata Ray Holman
7. The Last Word Andy Narell
8. Sing a Song Maurice White/Al McKay
9. Carnival Good Morning Dante Pantin
Global Rhythms
2017 April 20
1. like a giant refreshed Clif Walker
2. Flying V Lin Chin-Cheng
3. Clair de Lune Claude Debussy
4. Angels and Demons Lin Chin-Cheng
5. The 4th Pentatope Adam Davis
6. The Grid Tigran Hamasyan
7. Danu Giri Nyoman Sila Parta
8. Playing With Jepun Ed Smith
9. Sarah Andy Narell
10. Sea of Stories Len Boogsie SharpeAndy Narell
11. El Gato de Caracas Dan Haerle
12. Pan in A minor Aldwyn Lord Kitchner Roberts
Global Rhythms
2016 November 2
1. Pendet Balinese Traditional
2. Ujan Mas I Wayan Gandra
3. Oh Thank Heaven It’s 11/7 Poovalur Sriji
4. Solo Patri Satish Kumar
5. Iyyar Poovalur Sriji
6. Convex Brian Nozny
7. IE2 Mark Ford
8. QuadTom Physics Josh Hirner
9. Blue Sparkled Bungalow Bryce Gardner
10. My Band Ray Holman
11. Tabanca Andy Narell
12. Salsa with Your Soca Ross Harper
13. Celebration Ray Holman
Global Rhythms
2016 April 21
1. Kebyar Susun I Wayan Gandra
2. Pollock in Pelog Ed Smith
3. First Circle Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays
4. from Pancharatna Kriti Saint Tyagaraja
5. Ibn Battuta Tomer Yariv
6. Rant and Rave Christopher “Tambu” Herbert
7. Zig Zag Andy Narell
8. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Sting
9. Abacoco Andy Narell
10. Solo Andy Narell
11. DIS 1. 4. RAF Andy Narell
Global Rhythms
2015 November 2
1. Used Car Salesman Michael Daugherty
2. from The New (Rube) Goldberg Variations Christopher Deane
3. Onneeyandaa Poovalur Sriji
4. Tujuh Hari Di Tiga Dunia Poovalur Sriji
5. Mn Poovalur Sriji
6. Agbobli/Gota Social music and dance of the Ewe-speaking people of…
7. Just in Case Mark Ford/Ewelina Ford
8. Buaya Mamgap Balinese Traditional
9. Cendrawasih I Nyoman Windha/I Wayan Beratha
10. Walking on the Moon Sting
11. Gold Rush Peter Cannon
12. Music for 6 Quad Drummers UNT Quad Ensemble
13. Oshkosh Jump Ray Holman
14. Movin’ On Ray Holman
15. Jump For Joy Austin Lyons
16. Pan Ecstasy Ken “Professor” Philmore
Global Rhythms
2015 April 15
1. Danu Giri Nyoman Sila Parta
2. Playing With Jepun Ed Smith
3. naked and on fire Adam B. Silverman
4. Here Comes the Sun George Harrison
5. Shangyuan Poovalur Sriji
6. Mohai Poovalur Sriji
7. Yumbambe Joseph Estevez, Jr./Alejandro Gonzalo
8. Samba De Arcata Ray Holman
9. Red Beans and Rice Ray Holman
10. Dougla Liam Teague
11. The Last Word Andy Narell
Global Rhythms
2014 November 3
1. Gota Social music/dance of Ewe-speaking people of Togo and…
2. Ujan Mas I Wayan Gandra
3. Sekar Helen/Sarwa Manis Ed Smith/Balinese traditional
4. Guaguancó Rumba Guaguancó
5. Rudimental Showcase Opole Paul Rennick
6. Jamming Saints Poovalur Sriji
7. Vadya Kecceri Robert Chappell
8. Samba el Gato Shelly Irvine
9. Mariella’s Dance Ray Holman
10. Wood-N-Steel Robert Chappell
11. Woman is Boss Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
Global Rhythms
2014 April 15
1. All of Me John Legend, arr. Nick Guiliano
2. Steelband Paradise Ray Holman
3. Sarah Len Boogsie Sharpe
4. When We Last Spoke Tom Miller
5. Special Brew Ray Holman, trans. Ron Kerns/Shelly Irvine
6. Kebyar Susun I Wayan Gandra
7. Cendrawasih I Nyoman Windha/I Wayan Beratha
8. Heads Up! Mark Ford
9. Sweet 17 John McLaughlin, arr. The Bridge Ensemble
10. The Dance of Maya Poovalur Sriji
11. Om Shanthi Om Ras Shorty

Ed Smith, current conductor.

A term for various types of orchestras played in Indonesia,is the main element of Indonesian traditional music. In Bali, orchestras of tuned gongs, bronze kettles, bronze metallophones, bamboo xylophones, drums, cymbals and flutes fill the night air with animated music. UNT students explore this unique musical genre of Balinese Gamelan weekly and present concerts and clinics every semester. The UNT Gamelan orchestra has unique carvings on the frames, which includes scenes from the Indian epic, the Ramayana, adding to the performance enjoyment.

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