L-5 Guitar Ensemble
2016 March 8
1. Speak No Evil Wayne Shorter
2. Faith In You Marc Johnson
3. On A Limb Fred Hamilton
4. Welcoming Theme Daniel Pinilla
5. Green Chimneys Thelonious Monk
6. Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love Charles Mingus
7. Inner Urge Joe Henderson
L-5 Guitar Ensemble
2015 October 27
1. from Jazzpar Suite Chris Potter
2. James Pat Metheny
3. Of Things To Come Stefon Harris
4. Helical Walk Daniel Pinilla
5. Waltz For Bill Fred Hamilton
6. Working Title Tyler Martin
7. Smallness Mills Chaiken
8. Shangri-La Daniel Pinilla
2015 April 6
1. Senior Blues Horace Silver
2. The Spirit Soars Dan Haerle
3. Disheveled Evan O. Adams
4. The Wolves and the Ravens, The Secret Life of Walter… Chris Koza, Peter Sieve, Paul Engels
5. Crib Chimp Dan Haerle
6. The First Twin Prime Fred Hamilton
7. Very Early Bill Evans
8. Blues Dues Fred Hamilton
The Guitarkestra, guitar
2014 November 11
1. The Big Blue Ball Fred Hamilton
2. Epic Entrance Fred Hamilton
3. 32423 Evan Adams
4. The Monuments are not Hidden Fred Hamilton
5. It Never Entered My Mind Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart
6. The Mystery of Seven Fred Hamilton
7. Today Into Night Ben Garnett/Skyler Hill
8. Stacks of Rocks in Water Fred Hamilton
L5 Guitar Ensemble
2014 April 2
1. The Search Fred Hamilton
2. El Cinco Daniel Pinilla
3. The Hills of Andelain Fred Hamilton
4. Go Mo Lo Ben Holt
5. Toyo Jose Rodrigo Valdez
6. Maxine’s Dragon Fred Hamilton
7. Uirapuru Inspiration Marcelo Correa De Melo

The guitar ensembles are some of the many diverse performing groups at UNT. Fred Hamilton, Professor in Jazz Studies, coordinates them. In these ensembles, guitarists have the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform in a section of five or more guitars. This helps the student focus on reading skills, ensemble blend, group articulations, utilization of electric effects, comping and soloing. The premier group, the L-5, specializes in jazz, blues, rock, and electric avant-garde.

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