Chinese Ensemble

Chinese Ensemble
Chinese Ensemble
2018 November 30
1. Shepherd Song Liping Wang
2. Hunting Tiger Up the Mountain Revolutionary Beijing Opera
3. Small Town Story Nu Zhuang/Qingxi Weng
4. Golden Flower Terrace Jay Chou
5. Sound of Laughter in the Vast Sea Jim Wong
6. Once Upon a Time in China Jim Wong
Chinese Ensemble
Chinese Ensemble
2018 April 27
1. The Menacing Tiger/Tiger Is Grinding ItsTeeth ZhishunAn
2. Red Flowers Blossom Shaan Xi Folk Song
3. Lady Zhaojun Departing for the Frontier Dehai Liu
4. Quarreling Ducks Zhishun An
5. Battle Steeds Galloping Ahead Yaoxing Chen
6. Jasmine Flower Jiangsu Folk Song
7. Deep Dark Night Traditional Beijing Opera Music
8. Encore Encore

Yuxin Mei, current conductor.

Founded in January 2016, The UNT Chinese Ensemble is the first Chinese ensemble established at a Texas university. Directed by renowned pipa soloist and traditional Chinese music director, Yuxin Mei, the ensemble uses Chinese instruments and plays in the traditional “Silk Bamboo” style. The UNT Chinese Ensemble was invited to perform for the Society for Ethnomusicology Southern Plains Conference in 2016. As the Special Performance Guest, they will perform at the Asian Festival in San Antonio, 2017 and will give a performance at the Houston Traditional Chinese Music Spring Concert in May, 2017. In summer 2017, the UNT Chinese Ensemble will perform at the Muse Festival both in Los Angeles and Beijing (invited by the China Conservatory).

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