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Nova:  Elizabeth McNutt, director
Nova:  Elizabeth McNutt, director
Live On November 22 2021 8:00pm
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Nova:  Elizabeth McNutt, director
Nova:  Elizabeth McNutt, director
2021 April 8
1. At a Steady Consistent Rate Christine Burke
2. Coming Together Frederic Rzewski
2020 November 16
1. Five John Cage
2. For Five or Ten People Christian Wolff
3. Joy Boy Julius Eastman
4. social d[ist]ancing Pete Stollery
2019 November 11
1. For 1, 2, or 3 People Christian Wolff
2. from Romancero Mario Davidovsky
3. from Trio Sonata Ivo Petrić
4. Instruments III Morton Feldman
5. Madrigals, Book I George Crumb
6. Madrigals, Book II George Crumb
7. Madrigals, Book III George Crumb
8. Madrigals, Book IV George Crumb
2019 April 22
1. Where I Lay My Head Kory Reeder
2. Reminiscence Chia Ying (Janice) Shieh
3. Three Miniatures Christopher Poovey
4. Sour Honey Cade Leinbach
5. |: This Piece :| Mark Vaughn
6. Meditation Marco Buongiorno Nardelli
7. Metal Works Nina C. Young
2019 April 15
1. November Hannah Lash
2. After Serra Jason Eckardt
3. just (after Song of Songs) David Lang
4. to be held... Jason Eckardt
5. Hymnkus John Cage
2018 November 12
1. Mixed Vibes West and the Good Vibes
2. Rosary Songs, Opus 9 Oliver Knussen
3. Mellow Vibes West and the Good Vibes
4. Retour Jose-Luis Hurtado
5. Fly’s Eyes Sky Macklay
2018 March 26
1. Teil I, Für Ives Ensemble (2007; rev. 2009) Kunsu Shim
2. Auf Der Kleinseite Kunsu Shim
3. Verwandeln Gerhard Stäbler
4. Das Feine, Das Flüchtige Kunsu Shim
5. Siebzehn (17) Augenblicke Gerhard Stäbler
6. Teil II, Für Ives Ensemble Kunsu Shim
2017 November 13
1. À bout ‘de Bras Georges Aperghis
2. Child Song Chinary Ung
3. Bones Stuart Saunders Smith
4. From Short Stories Bruce Broughton
5. Plainsound Glissando Modulation Region 1 Wolfgang von Schweinitz
6. Folk Songs Luciano Berio
2017 April 3
1. Ciao, Arcosanti! Harvey Sollberger
2. Polytera I Seth Shafer
3. Life Study Harvey Sollberger
4. Dmaathen Iannis Xenakis
5. Where the Iowa River Bends: Harvey Sollberger
6. Trio - Hommage à Brahms György Ligeti
7. Reunion Harvey Sollberger
2016 November 15
1. Sunflowers Harvey Sollberger
2. Entr’Actes and Sappho Fragments Harrison Birtwistle
3. Harmony Series No. 11 Michael Pisaro
4. Economies of Scale Peter Maxwell Davies
5. ... blood blossoms ... Ken Ueno
2016 April 12
1. Novara Earle Brown
2. from Folio Earle Brown
3. Mirabai Songs John Harbison
4. Three Songs from Opus 3 Ermir Bejo
5. The Han Figurines Chen Yi
6. Cendres Kaija Saariaho
7. Ronda Franco Donatoni
2015 November 16
1. Yitgadal Larry Polansky
2. Edges Christian Wolff
3. Signs, Games, and Messages György Kurtág
4. cheating, lying, stealing David Lang
2015 April 7
1. monoliths Joseph Lyszczarz
2. Drift Kenji Bunch
3. Vox Balanae George Crumb
4. While Liquid Amber Chaya Czernowin
5. String Quartet No. 2 Alfred Schnittke
6. Sahaf Chaya Czernowin
2014 November 17
1. from Resonant Strands Kirsten Broberg
2. Windswept Peaks Chou Wen-Chung
3. Terzianum Ursula Mamlok
4. fromQuartet Stefan Wolpe
5. Friction Panayiotis Kokoras

Elizabeth McNutt, current conductor.

Nova is the new music ensemble of the University of North Texas. In keeping with its mission to present a diversity of musical, aesthetic, and cultural experiences, Nova’s repertoire ranges from 20th century classics to works that incorporate the latest musical innovations. Students in the ensemble have opportunities to work with faculty and guest composers and are occasionally joined by faculty and guest performers. Performances and workshops have included music by composition students as well.