West Fox, composer
November 2, 2018
Senior Recital, Recital Hall
1. Open West Fox
2. Trio West Fox
3. For Something West Fox
4. Septet West Fox
Joseph Klein, composer
October 26, 2018
Faculty, Winspear Hall
1. Der Gottprotz (“The God-swanker”) Joseph Klein
2. An Unaware Cosmos Joseph Klein
Austin Simonds, composition
April 22, 2018
Senior Recital, Voertman Concert Hall
1. Exit Us Grant A. Carrington
2. 5-21 Austin D. Simonds
3. Falling Stars Grant A. Carrington
4. To an old friend— Grant A. Carrington
5. Psychosis Austin D. Simonds
6. from Sonata Impromptu Grant A. Carrington
7. Requiem for a Good Man Austin D. Simonds
8. as a million flecks of light Grant A. Carrington
9. Amor Fati Austin D. Simonds
Oliver Smith and John Snyder, composistion
April 20, 2018
Senior Recital, MEIT
1. Percussion Ensemble No. 1 Oliver Smith
2. Pale Blue Dot (4 movements) John Snyder
3. Quartet for Loneliness (2 movements) John Snyder
4. Glissen to This! Oliver Smith
5. Waking Dreams on the Train through Bedlam Oliver Smith
6. Weed Trio John Snyder
7. Ghosts at Cockcrow Oliver Smith
8. One Night of Romance Oliver Smith
9. Blossoms John Snyder
10. Pitter Patter Oliver Smith
11. Refractions for trumpet and tape Oliver Smith
12. Harm John Snyder
13. excerpt, Malleable Still John Snyder
From Dawn To Dusk: Chamber Music By Kirsten Soriano Broberg
March 4, 2018
Faculty, Voertman Concert Hall
1. Veiled in Morning Mist for flute in C and piano wih… Kirsten Soriano Broberg
2. Tendrils/Rain Gardens Kirsten Soriano Broberg
3. Cloud-like Kirsten Soriano Broberg
4. Flutter Kirsten Soriano Broberg
5. Echoes Kirsten Soriano Broberg
6. Moonlight, Refracted Kirsten Soriano Broberg
7. Twilight Kirsten Soriano Broberg
Michael Ramirez, trumpet, voice, piano, composition
February 25, 2018
Non-Degree, Recital Hall
1. Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury Benjamin Britten
2. Finishing the Hat, Sunday in the Park with George Stephen Sondheim
3. Solo de Concours Théo Charlier
4. What Baking Can Do, Waitress Sara Bareilles
5. Putting It Together, Sunday in the Park with George Stephen Sondheim
6. from Loving Michael Ramirez
Collevoxus Music By Florida State University Composers
February 5, 2018
Non-Degree, MEIT
1. Dark Forest Ian Evans Guthrie
2. SUPERbolt Jabez Co
3. Oiseaux en Verre Aleyna Brown
4. frame and pane Ash Stemke
5. ..I wandered down to the beach and sprawled out on… Isaac Barzso
6. Theme and Variations Matthew Briggs
7. Urge Justin Giarrusso
Michele Newman, composer
April 9, 2017
Senior Recital, MEIT
1. if the doors of perception were cleansed... Michele Newman
2. Seven Short Caricatures for Interchangeable Clarinet Michele Newman
3. Anxious Cycles Michele Newman
4. The Woods: Song Cycle for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet,… Michele Newman
Alejandro Carrillo, composition
April 7, 2017
Senior Recital, MEIT
1. Demolition Alejandro Carrillo
2. Radziejowice Alejandro Carrillo
3. String Quartet No. 1, “Vers une architecture” Alejandro Carrillo
4. Three dances for violin and piano Alejandro Carrillo
5. Besieged by an Expert Sune Alejandro Carrillo
6. Epíklesis Alejandro Carrillo
7. RGB+ Alejandro Carrillo
Nick Payne, composer
April 5, 2017
Masters, Kenton Hall
1. Navigating The Near East Nick Payne
2. Vim Nick Payne
3. Aftermath Nick Payne
4. Souvenirs de Montmartre (Memories of Montmartre) Nick Payne
5. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans Eddie DeLange/Louis Alter
6. Invitation Bronisław Kaper/Paul Francis Webster
7. High Noon Chris Potter
Hiroki Kitazawa, drumset, Zach Yaholkovsky, jazz arranging
March 28, 2017
Senior Recital, Kenton Hall
1. On Green Dolphin Street Bronisław Kaper/Ned Washington
2. Happening Below Zach Yaholkovsky
3. Be Deedle Dee Do Barney Kessel
4. Tuatha Dé Danann Zach Yaholkovsky
5. Rhythm-a-Ning Thelonious Monk
6. Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels) Jim Croce
7. Trocando em Miúdos Chico Buarque/Francis Hime
8. The Surrey with the Fringe on Top Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein II
Brian Horton, composer
March 20, 2017
DMA, Voertman Concert Hall
1. Lecture Brian Horton
2. Black Magic Brian Horton
March 5, 2017
Non-Degree, Voertman Concert Hall
1. as a million flecks of light Grant A. Carrington
2. Infernus Sequebatur Eum... Austin Simonds
3. Quartet for Loneliness John Snyder
4. Exacting Stasis Austin Poorbaugh
5. Leadfoot’s Song Evan O. Adams
6. 5 Lenses Eclective
Brian Stark, composition
January 30, 2017
Masters, Voertman Concert Hall
1. The Steel-Toed Boots of the Loggerman’s Son Are Some… Brian Stark
2. Clarity Anton Zaslavski
3. Once In a Lifetime David Byrne
4. I Saw You Turn Into a Ghost Brian Stark
5. Ich Grolle Nicht Robert Schumann
6. Path By Cigarslight Traditional
7. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate Wayne Coyne/Michael Ivins/Steven Drozd
Brian Horton, jazz composition
November 29, 2016
DMA, Kenton Hall
1. Night Creatures Brian Horton
2. Lament for “Bird” Brian Horton
3. One To The Other Brian Horton
4. Last Look Brian Horton
5. Blues Forever Brian Horton
Michelle Brite, composer
October 30, 2016
Senior Recital, Recital Hall
1. SOCIAL Michelle Brite
2. Are You Kitten Me? Michelle Brite
3. Plumeria Michelle Brite
4. Aut Vinvere Aut Mori Michelle Brite
5. Home Michelle Brite

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