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We are the department that makes and maintains the master archive of university ensembles, faculty and degree recitals recordings. Periodically those recordings are delivered to the Willis [main] Library for long-term storage. We also record non-degree, guest and contracted performances, and recording sessions. Recordings are tracked in College of Music venues only, we do not operate a recording studio space.

Recording Services is managed by Blair Liikala and Peter Brewer with offices in both the Main Music Building, and the Murchison Performing Arts Center. There is a student staff of about 6 audio/video engineers from a wide range of majors who record, edit and duplicate recitals and concerts for the College of Music. This site & server is maintained by Blair running ExpressionEngine with about two dozen add-ons, with the goal of providing new ways of delivering music to people.

We run Logic, ProTools and Final Cut. Two master control rooms, Main Music and Murchison Performing Arts Center, connected over analog and fiber lines that handle all recording in each building.


We keep a small dedicated staff and hire one or sometimes two students a year. If you're interested, please email your resume and cover letter to our address. We keep materials on file for a year.

Other Technical Work

College of Music General Access Lab "is intented to provide an environment where students can record high quality work related to their academic endeavors." The GA lab is run mostly by students and work is done within the studio (vs in the performances halls which is what RS oversees).

The Murchison Performing Arts Center houses the Winspear and Lyric Halls and hosts larger ensembles and opera. RS records in these halls as well, and works with the MPAC's professional technical staff (Julie and Derek). They are also doing some management with the newly renovated Voertman Hall. If you're interested in theatrical lighting and live sound head to their website (thempac.com) for more information. They typically post and hire through the Career Center.

Last Edited: April 30 2015

Main Music Building Room 149
Murchison Performing Arts Center Annex

(940) 565 3780
415 Avenue C
Denton, TX 76201

About Us

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