Recording Services Policies

General Service Notes

  • Materials in our Recording Services “Archive" are kept for about 1 year but not permamently stored. They are then moved to the Willis Library where they will be permanently stored.
  • Live stream registration is booked through ScheduleFM.
  • Check this scheduling document to see the whole process Here.
  • Payment is handled in ScheduleFM at the time of booking your event.
  • Events will be displayed on the "Live Events" page around 4 weeks from the time of your event.
  • Standard recordings include one center camera and the stereo pair hall microphones.
  • The live stream will be available for on demand viewing after the performance.

Special Notes for Performers

  • The stream automatically begins around 8 minutes prior, so please be off the stage 10 minutes prior.
  • The stream will conclude after 1 hour or earlier for normal recitals. Please do not go over your booking time.
  • Recording Services is not responsible for capturing an event outside of it's scheduled booking time
  • Lab West is under renovation during the Fall 2023 semester see more information under Jazz Recitals below.

Standard Recording Policy

  • Standard recital recording consists of a stereo audio recording plus a single camera static shot of the performance.

Live Streaming Halls (Center Cam Only)

  • Paul Voertman Concert Hall (RM 254)*
  • Recital Hall (RM 301)
  • Lab West (RM 282)*
  • MEIT (RM 1001)
  • Choir Room (RM 230)
  • Winspear Hall (MPAC)
  • Lyric (MPAC) Live Stream is not supported

*Multicam is available in Voertman and Lab West for an additional $75 fee.

Livestreams are available in every hall (except Lyric) for an additional $75 fee.

All services requested must be and paid for in ScheduldeFM at the time of booking your recital date at least 2 weeks in advance.


  • Concerts are migrated from ScheduleFM around 30 days out. You can now check our "Live Events" page to see if your recording request is on the recording and streaming schedule. Only events that have requested livestreaming will show on this calendar.
  • The concert classification determines if the event will be scheduled using course fees. Otherwise a request and payment for recording must be made through ScheduleFM.

Standard Recording Classifications ("free")

  • Faculty led Ensemble (Standard recording + livestream included)
  • Student led Ensemble (Standard recording)
  • Faculty (Standard recital recording + livestream included)
  • DMA (Standard recital recording included)
  • Masters (Standard recital recording included)
  • Senior (Standard recital recording included)
  • GAC (Standard recital recording included)

Not Covered Classifications:

  • Guest Artists
  • Junior
  • Non-Degree
  • ...Anything else.

  • *Standard recital recording is available for a $50 fee, Multicam and Livestream would be additional charges on top of the $50 fee

Guest Artist Release Form

  • Please follow the link, Consent for Recording and Broadcast, that will allow you to fill out the release form for recording and broadcast. This document is due before the event takes place or services will be rendered void.

2-Week Deadline

  • We will NOT schedule new recitals with less than 2 weeks before a concert recording.
  • Cancelling or no-show under 2 weeks will forfeit any payments, including degree recital fees, and will be required to be paid before the next recital. A new recital event that requires this fee will not be scheduled until the fee has been paid. If you owe a recording fee and it is not paid two weeks prior to your event, it will be dropped from our schedule to record. It is not a cancellation or no-show, it is a non-payment.

After your Concert

Turn Around Time is within the week or less and will show online through the Archive portion of this site.

Check the recording for any technical issues, and please let us know as soon as possible. We hold the raw recording materials to re-edit from for only 2 weeks after your event each semester.

Missed Concert Policy

We have a killer 99.99% success rate. On average we miss 1 concert of about 600 a year due to scheduling or student worker mistakes, and with our automation systems we shouldn't ever miss one. However if a recital is missed due to a mistake on our end we offer a refund for any added services and credit towards a future recital or session. We always recommend running a recorder in the hall, both for redundancy and practice for the future.

Jazz Recital Recording

Our Jazz Services

Jazz recitals are recorded using a variety of studio-grade microphones, direct boxes, pre-amplifiers and digital converters. With the available time before the recital we ensure all microphones are placed correctly, to capture the instrument accurately, and discreetly so as not to disturb the audience or musicians sight-lines. We record between 8 and 16 channels depending on the ensemble. After, the recital is mixed and edited by a professional staff engineer.

For our multritracking services you must correspond with our Lead Recording Technician or email us at at least 2 weeks prior to accomadate staffing needs and resources. If this step does not happen you will downgraded to a stereo pair recording.

Before Your Recital

The more information we have about a recital the easier it is for us to plan and staff the event. We like to know:

  • Who is performing? A jazz arranging student showcasing music for multiple ensembles requires a different set-up than a trio or quartet.
  • What is the stage layout? Is the rhythm section stage left or right? Do performers from the horn section walk up front to take solos?
  • Any special considerations?

For Live Sound support for the MPAC, reach out to Dan Shulz.

This is a live recording and not a studio session, and there are limitations to what can be done afterwards. We can adjust some balance between mics, but mics will hear other sources ("bleed") and limit how much adjustment can be made before it becomes noticeable.

Due to limited staffing we are not able to provide multitrack (multimic) production on weekend recitals. Unless special permission has been approved.

After Your Recital

Mixing and editing is completed two to three business days after your event and tracks will be available for download from the archive after that. Multi-track files are available upon request through OneDrive.

Downloading your Events

Once your event has been processed and finalized you can download your event by following the link Spring 2024 Recital Downloads.

If you are a conducting student in need of the Conductor Camera Footage you can download by following the link Spring 2024 Conductor Camera Downloads.

The links above will expire two weeks after the end of each semester, please download your events accordingly.

Audio only downloads may be requested from

Recording Sessions

This Spring semester starting January 15th and going through February 29, UNT Recording Services will be offering select recording sessions to all music students of interest.

We will be holding recording sessions in your hall of choice pending availability in the College of Music and will provide all equipment for professional multitracking audio and video recording and will also have a post production package available. Prices are subject to change per project and packages selected.

All projects MUST be pre-approved by Recording Services. If you are interested in recording a session you will first need to reach out to Recording Services at and set up a meeting to discuss your project details (i.e. length, instrumentation, deadlines, etc).

Projects are billed on an hourly rate

All Sessions must be pre-approved by Recording Services

*prices subject to change per project*

  • Stereo Pair Only $50
  • Multitrack Audio Only $75

  • Single Camera plus Stereo Pair Audio $100
  • Single Camera plus Multitrack Audio $150

  • Multicamera plus Stereo Pair Audio $200
  • Multicamera plus Multitrack Audio $250

  • Archive Policies and Retention

  • The “Archive” is the UNT Recording Services’ online home for recorded materials. Materials in the Archive are kept for about 1 year, then moved to the College of Music Recordings Collection on the UNT Digital Library website, hosted by UNT Libraries.
  • Recitals and ensemble events are made available for download and streaming only through this online archive.
  • Anyone with an EUID (university ID) can access the Archive. The login is required both for keeping usage limited to academic use for copyrighted musical works, and as a College of Music policy.
  • Ensemble performances may be posted on YouTube publicly after a copyright review for the musical work, and approval from the ensemble director for performance quality.

  • I Graduated Many Years Ago, How Do I Get A Copy of My Recital?

  • If your recital was more than 1 year ago, please visit the UNT Music Library on the 4th floor of Willis Library or contact the Music Cataloging and Metadata Librarian or the Sound Preservationist at the Music Library. We do not have a copy of it at the College of Music. To search their database (the College of Music Recordings Collection), click here.
  • All recitals should be available for public viewing in the College of Music Recordings Collection, and you should not need an EUID (university ID) to view them. Ensemble recordings will not be publicly available. If you have a question about the public availability of a recital, please contact the Music Cataloging and Metadata Librarian at the UNT Music Library.
  • We do not have the equipment to make digital transfers like analog reel to reel tape. However, the UNT Music Library does. Please contact the UNT Music Library or the Sound Preservationist for more information.

  • What if I self-recorded my recital?

  • If you self-recorded your recital, please contact the Music Library and/or the Music Cataloging and Metadata Librarian and submit the recording of your recital along with a copy of your recital program.
  • Your recording will NOT show up in the Archive tab of this website. It will only be available through the College of Music Recordings Collection on the UNT Digital Library website.

  • Copyrights

    UNT retains ownership of the master recording for recordings we make. Our license and policies to use those recordings are divided up between ensemble recordings, and recital/session recordings.

    Ensemble Recordings

    The College of Music's policy on ensemble recordings is that clips be posted on the official Youtube channel, or any other official account, and pass through a set of approvals and permissions. For example, ensemble directors approve, and any guest artists must approve with a formal release given prior to the performance. Some exceptions are made, such as students performing concertos or conductor cameras. Always ask us prior to posting ensemble concert footage or run the risk of takedowns.

    Paid downloads of an ensemble performance gives you the license to keep and watch the recording for personal use, but not to redistribute the recording publicly.

    Recital Recording

    If you are the primary musician in the recital you have permission from the department to post and distribute your recital recording, audio and video, as you wish. We advise you to follow all musical copyrights and artist permissions before posting recordings. Please keep in mind that musical copyrights for publicly posting or distributing recordings are NOT covered by the university.